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  • Our professional trained customer services department will respond  to all customer queries within 48 working hours and thats our guarantee.
  • We request all our customers first to check our most frequently asked questions and answers which will resolve 90% of issues we deal with on a daily basis.

Hey Plodit! What is the condition of the item Sold on your Website?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Don’t Worry, all of our stock items are in brand new condition supplied directly by publishers to our distribution centres.

Hey Plodit! What is Media (Binding) Format?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: A same title may be available in Binding Paperback, Hardback or media CD Audio, DVD format. Please check the format meets to the satisfaction before ordering.

Hey Plodit! I have a book that is of the same title / series as the one that you have listed, but the cover shown looks different. I am confused to why my book looks different to yours?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Books are often updated or edited or revised by publishers. They are then allocated an unique ISBN. It is worth noting that the book may have a 10 digit or a 13 digit ISBN number allocated. Once you have this information, we recommend you cross-reference your book with the one that is described in the listing before you order.
Hey Plodit! How do I find out when this title was published?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Please refer to our listing under the heading 'Published:' of the product's details, one. Plodit believes in being open and informing customers of the date the tile was published. Customers should be cautious of sellers who do not display this information as you may end up buying old dated stock.
Hey Plodit! How can we find which language this title is in ?
 ploditltd: Plodit Says: Majority of our stock is in English. If it is not then this will be described in the listing. Please read the listing carefully and if it says rjeibnr rtrt t tr yj try u rtt and need Plodit assistance in verifying the language then email us on:
Hey Plodit! How do I Know if the publication item includes a CD or a DVD?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Some title publication include CD/DVD as addition software or tutorials. If the title publication contains a CD/DVD, then it will be stated in our listing details and description table as INCLUDED. We recommend to all our customers to check the listing details before you purchase it.

Hey Plodit! Why can’t I see any image of the title publication?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Our System only allows one picture in the listing at a time. Sometimes, due to certain issues with the format of the images that we find, we are unable to upload any kind of an image. However this is a rare occurrence beyond our control.

Hey Plodit! Can you deliver books to anywhere in the world?
ploditltd: Yes we can. The postage and packing charges will be different, so please chose the correct one for the area to which you wish the book to go. If you are unsure then just email the Customer Services Team
Hey Plodit! How do I work out the delivery cost for my country ?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Select the appropriate category for your country and the postage to your destination will be automatically displayed based on the location of final destination and weight of our book.
Hey Plodit! What shipping services will deliver my Goods?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: FOR UK BUYERS: We deliver our orders royal mail 2nd class postage. 
For UK orders that go over the value of £40.00 GBP, we use recorded delivery.
INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We use  Royal Mail or la poste or sweden post  for international orders.
Hey Plodit! Where is the item delivered from?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: From one of our distribution centre located throughout the U K.
Hey Plodit! How long will it take to deliver my Goods?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: Once we have packed & dispatched the goods it takes the courier-:
  • All orders shiping within the UK 2 - 5 Business Days 
  • All orders shiping within Europe 5 - 9 Business Days
  • All orders shiping to USA / Worldwide 5 - 10 Business Days
  • (Weekend Orders are shipped on Monday)
Hey Plodit! When will my order be processed and Packaged?
ploditltd: Plodit Says: We have a number of Distribution centres that are located throughout the UK and the USA. In most cases, it takes us 2 days to firstly retrieve, then package and then dispatch to the courier. Some items due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control it can take up to 5 days to send to our packing office for immediate dispatch.
Hey Plodit! What happens if the order does not arrive?
ploditltd: In the event of dispatched items being delayed or lost in the post we will offer to replace or refund:
21 days after dispatch if the item was sent 2nd class, UK Royal Mail 
14 days after dispatch if sent 1st class, UK Royal Mail
21 days after dispatch if the item was sent Airmail, EU and Europe
35 days after dispatch for items rest of the world
Hey Plodit! What happens if the order arrives damaged?
ploditltd: Please notify us within 7 days of receipt or collection if you are unhappy with the condition of the goods. On receipt of the goods within 30 days of the sale date we will refund or re-supply as per you wishes

Hey Plodit! How can I make payment for an order?


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